What is Qi Gong?

What is Qi (Chee) Gong?

The fundamental essence of all life is energy. That energy is responsible for all your body’s vital functions (i.e. heart function, blood pressure, sugar management, hormonal balance, etc…) and your subtler functions (i.e., thoughts, emotions, etc…). Qi Gong (translated “Energy Cultivation”) is the system of exercises/practices aimed at increasing the amount of energy in the body and the flow by removing blockage in the meridians (pathways of energy in the body). Qi Gong is modeled after Traditional Chinese Medical Science. Energy is divided into cardinal 4 modalities plus one quintessential element that the acts as the transformational point the 4 modes of energy must pass through to change into the next mode. These 5 total modes are mapped to the 5 elements as discussed in TCM.

These 5 elements are:

Each element is compared to an organ energy system that is responsible for the maintenance of that elemental energy in the body.

Air/Wood = Liver/Gallbladder
Fire = Heart/Small Intestine
Earth = Spleen/Stomach
Metal = Lungs/Large Intestine
Water = Kidneys/Bladder

The Qi flowing through these meridians affects the mind, body and spirit. A blockage, excess or deficiency of Qi in one of these organ energy systems can show up as dis-ease in any of these areas. For example, if someone is deficient of Air/Wood Qi (i.e.Liver/Gallbladder Qi) they could not only experience symptoms in their physical body such as lack of blood flow and circulation to the ligaments and tendons, insomnia, low blood sugar, but also the inability to have vision/imagination for planning one’s life. We would use Qi gong to treat this with Qi gong healing sounds and exercises for the liver. We could also use colors, herbs and foods of the liver. For a very thorough explanation of Qi gong I would recommend Ra Un Nefer Amen’s Qi Gong Success, Qi Gong Healing Prescriptions, and Tree of Life Qi Gong. Email me at qigong4life@gmail.com if you are interested in any of these references.