Got Structure?

Posted by qigongbc on April 20, 2011

Need more organization in life? How about planning…do you start planning and fail to stick to the plan you carefully laid out? This ability to plan and organize is nourished by an energy within you managed by the Lung/Large Intestines energy system. When the energy is balanced, you have the ability to be structured and organized.

This is a key attribute of successful people.

If this energy is out of balance, you have difficulty following rules, limitations, and structure.

This energy can be cultivated with Qi Gong for the Lungs/Large Intestine. Join us on Saturday, April 23rd @ 9am and we will cultivate your Lung Qi so you can get your projects planned out and executed. Please also order your copy of Qi Gong Healing Prescriptions, by Ra Un Nefer Amen I from us to learn all of the exercises for complete mind, body, spirit performance. Email us @

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